In praise of AGMs

Why should we bother to go to an AGM?  Well, for lots of reasons. To start with, if you are on the Committee, you have to go, unless you are trekking in Katmandu, and even then it’s  a bit careless to arrange your trip at the same time. But more importantly AGMs often turn out to be very enjoyable days  and Herefordshire Ramblers AGM at Little Dewchurch was one such occasion.

We had a glorious day for which 32 of us turned up, including Martin Shepley, chairman of the hosting Ross group  and guest speaker. We also welcomed Richard May, a Ramblers Trustee, who had traveled all the way from Norfolk, an impressive commitment (Richard is on the far left of the team photo).  The morning walk was lovely and was  confidently and cheerfully led by Annie, who knows the patch intimately.   Because of our large numbers and some treacherous stiles the pace was slow with plenty of time to chat  to friends whom we may not see that often.  It  was particularly rewarding for me as an ex-Trustee to catch up with Richard and find out what’s going on.  But lots of business gets done too: we exchange information on recent and planned walks, on new path claims, on recent work parties and long-standing footpath problems.  We share ideas for recruiting new members.

Then of course we return for the main point of the day….  lunch, when another very strong team, the Ross caterers, lay on some excellent soups and cakes.

The AGM itself is over in 30 minutes flat as chairman Arthur Lee, leads us nimbly through all the business and now it’s  time for our two speakers.  Martin is a Director and walk leader for Ramblers Holidays and has some great pictures of a recent trip to Georgia and Armenia. Then Richard updates us on the Ramblers’ main achievements and plans. There’s plenty of time for questions (fortunately there are plenty! ) and we are finished by 4.00 pm, and the hall cleared and tidied in 15 minutes.  I think we all leave with a spring in our step. Herefordshire Ramblers are in rude health.




One thought on “In praise of AGMs”

  1. Thanks for this Tom, yes Area AGMs are important as that is where all members get to have a say, electing representatives to the annual meeting next year and debating important issues about paths and access, hearing about what the Ramblers are doing in the three nations and informing the trustee guest of the issues of local concern.


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