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Hello. This is the first blog I have published so please excuse all the mistakes and technical imperfections.

I want to tell you about my daily experience of walking in Heerfordshire. I am vice-chair of Herefordshire Ramblers, chairman of Bromyard Walkers are Welcome, a parish footpath officer and a regular walk leader for the Ramblers. So I’m doing something connected with walking in Herefordshire most days of the week.

So what have I done today – apart from setting up this blog? Well, it’s rainy, so the phone has been red-hot. The Leadon Vale chairman, David, has been contacted by BBC Hereford and Worcester about walking in Herefordshire and we have been discussing what to say. We want to emphasise the positive things of course, such as the highly successful Herefordshire Walking Festival,  but also convey the desperate lack of resources for fixing our paths, and the often poor co-ordination between the Balfour Beatty rights of way team and us volunteers.

Then I’ve had to speak to two farmers about problems in the parishes north of Bromyard for which I’m a parish footpath officer. I’ve been trying o get hold of them for ages but mayber because it’s wet to day was the day. One had not removed a fallen tree which was blocking the footpath (requested sveral weeks ago) and the path reinstatement through his wheat crop was not really up to standard. He’s promised to rectify these problems. The other concerned a field of maize which will soon obstuct the path. He told me he had rented out  the field out  and anyway his mother owned the land. She was not in, so more calls needed.

On Saturday I had reported a strand of barbed wire across the Herefordshire Trail at Fromes Hill. Amazingly  today Balfour Beatty’s locality steward rang to say she had visited the site but couldn’t find it. I will have to check again.

Let me know if any of this is interesting. I’d like to hear from you,